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Straight Perm Beauty is an accredited board approved cosmetology, esthetician, barber, and manicure school that started in 2017. Owner and founder, Victoria Hwang, is an internationally renowned hair stylist with over 30 years of experience. After years in the industry and owning, she has mastered the art of the straight perm. She and the staff are now dedicating their time to pass down the knowledge by teaching those who are aspiring to grow their own career in the beauty field by providing quality education for students to prepare for the State Board Exams of Licensure.



Straight Perm Beauty strives to educate students to enter a professional career by exploring their capabilities and interests in the beauty industry. We offer training by professional licensed Instructors/stylists who will guide and prepare students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the California State Board Exams and obtain their practical license. With the guidance, students will gain and discover their own potential and function as beauty experts to succeed in their upcoming career field in the beauty industry. Our high professional standards enhances students future opportunities through experience and quality teaching during the complete tenure of the programs. The greatest strength of our program is our highly advanced hands on portion of the programs.

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We offer quality programs to help prepare graduates with skills to pass all board exams and for future employment in the beauty industry.


We continually survey the professions with current trends, designs, and techniques required in the industry.


Our facility and equipment are modern, up-to-date designs and functions to provide students an ideal real world setting for their future career in the beauty industry.


We also provide quality services to the public at student rates who are guided by our licensed instructors/stylists.

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