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Career Services


All students will have the opportunity to be advised in academic progress and career goals. Students receive a written evaluation at the end of each month of study. The staff is willing to help with any of your educational or professional concerns whenever they can. The school may also provide professional and personal referrals as needed. A portion of the curriculum is spent on employment opportunities including writing of resumes, job interviewing and overall salon/spa management.


Within the educational program, students will be trained in writing resumes and preparing for job interviews.  Every possible effort will be made by the school to expose students to professionals in the field.  Our aim is to make students aware of the many professional opportunities available to them.

Although the school cannot guarantee placement, reasonable efforts will be made to assist students in securing suitable employment.  This assistance is available to any student, regardless of how long ago the student graduated.

However, StraightPerm Beauty School.Com also maintains constant contact with over many salons, shops and spas in the Los Angeles area.


In training to be a professional cosmetologist, esthetician, or manicure, you must be a caring, open-minded individual.  You must use your training and knowledge to satisfy the needs and wants of every client.  You must be able to put your ego and problems aside, in order to be a contributing member of the team.  You must be an excellent communicator.  This requires the ability to listen and observe, to consult with and suggest ideas, services, and products to colleagues, instructors, management, and clients

Professionalism can be seen and felt in a school, salon, spa, or any technical business.  It is a balanced combination of choice of words, tone of voice, physical actions, education, technical training, determination, honesty, good judgment, decision making, cleanliness, sharp appearance and talent.